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About Draconem Ignem Comics


Why Draconem Ignem?
We started as a gaming collective under the name Firebourne. A group of people who like science fiction and fantasy working together in a gaming environment for the same goals. Through gaming, entertainment and other media we can heal the world.

Draconem Ignem Comics
Draconem Ignem Comics is an ambitious publishing company located in the United States. Our mission is to deliver high quality artwork and stories that need to be told to those that want to hear them. We help connect artists and writers to their intended audience and assist with publishing.

We deviate from the strong superhero focus and cover a broad spectrum of Sci-fi and Fantasy worlds. We have the creative freedom to deliver stories in ways outside of industry standards.

If you would like to donate to Draconem Ignem Comics, please click "Donations" under our About section at the top of the page. All donations will be used to further our comic book offerings.

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