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About Draconem Ignem Comics

What is Draconem Ignem Comics?

We started as a gaming collective under the banner of Firebourne. We are a group of people who like science fiction and fantasy working together in a gaming environment for the same goals.

Now we make stories and all sorts of other media together. Through gaming, entertainment and other media we can heal the world.

Join us on the journey as we create original content designed for you!

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Zon: Cosmic Warfare

In May of 2023, our board game's KickStarter is launching. Click the link below for an exclusive discount off of the game!

We partnered with Irisistible Games to get you, our fans, an unbelievable gaming experience straight out of our Zon Universe!

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Currently on Issue 1 in the Zon Series

Spiral across the universe with us as Earth is given a warning by some friendly extraterrestrials. The warning is that Earth will be completely annihilated. How will we react and respond? Find out in the Zon series. The series is formerly known as Sol.

"There is a great idea here for a series that is built around a first contact scenario...the scale of the story is almost too big...the ensemble is strong" - International Screenwriters Association

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Zon: Primal Origins - Genesis

Currently on Issue 3 of the Zon: Primal Origins - Genesis Series

Earth’s complete annihilation threat had to start somewhere, right? In our prequel series, Zon: Primal Origins, we share the history and culture of the Dvora species as they fend off threats of their own.  

We use available information on our night skies to deliver you stories that exist within the realm of possibility. All planets used in the series are currently thought to be able to support life. The posters we have are artists’ interpretations of these worlds.

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Get in-touch with Draconem Ignem Comics for possible partnership opportunities. Please contact us for any other inquiries.

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