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Alex Bright

Storyteller at Heart

A graduate of Valencia College(Class of '11) with an A.S degree in Motion Picture Production as well as a graduate of the University of Central Florida (Class of '17) in Orlando, Florida with a BFA in Film. Having gained experienced from freelancing the past 12 years as a below the line crew-member working various stages of production both in feature film and television. 

In the beginning of his career, he choose to specialize working in the camera, grip & electric department. Later as he began working as an assistant director, writing & directing became the direction he set his goal. He has developed a grounded Science Fiction Television Series to pitch to either streaming channel or network. Alex was recently named an International Screenwriters’ Association Virtual Pitch Challenge Finalist (2021) and was a quarterfinalist in Coverfly's 2020 Screenplay Contest. On Coverfly's site, Alex currently holds a spot in the top 25% of all ~67000 projects.

Alex was also a former Stage Manager for the WWE and a Tour Manager for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Our Team: Alex Bright

Evan Orgren

If you’re going to build a world you need…

Evan’s grandfather was the director at several planetariums and later went on to teach as a professor of earth sciences and the planetarium director at Buffalo State College. Evan spent time with his grandfather gazing at the stars wondering what could be happening in the universe.

Evan's focus in the working world has been on manufacturing technology across the world of machines that make things. Transitioning from working on what happens behind the scenes in the machine world to writing the background for a high-tech alien race is only fitting.

Evan is an avid sci-fi and epic fantasy fan. Much of what is written in his stories stems from an event in every day life. He helps to provide some authenticity to the technical capabilities of our different species.

Our Team: Evan Orgren

Valensky Sylvain

Our Team: Evan Orgren
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